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Tire for Motorcycle QD-014

Tire for Motorcycle Features:

Suitable for Motorcycle

Tire affect evrey aspect of riding, safety, enjoyment, convenience, comfort and more especially since your bike’s handling is largely determined by them. A good motorcycle tire improves your safety by channeling away rainwater using the tread pattern.

Tyre Size: 220/30-15

Tire for Motorcycle

Motorcycle Tires When the rubber meets the road, you’ll be glad you’ve got quality motorcycle tires on your bike. Choosing the right tires is one of the most important decisions a rider can make and lucky for you, Landmax has something for every type of bike and riding style.

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone and everything. As the world starts to open up again and lockdown restrictions begin to ease, people are finding new ways to travel in an attempt to keep themselves safe from Covid-19. This is where motorcycles, and the benefits of using them as your primary mode of transportation, come in.

Fun & Affordable

Motorcycles are an affordable and fun alternative to cars and public transport, with many commuters converting to using a motorbike for the first time. Several people have found that their commute doesn’t feel like a slog anymore and that they have begun to look forward to their morning and evening rides.

Save Time

Commuting to work on public transport is much more stressful and time-consuming than taking a motorbike, as you have to factor in the travel to the public transport, the length of the journey and how long it will take you to get from your destination to work. When travelling by motorcycle, you can expect to reduce your door-to-door commuting time massively.

Many bikers have saved over an hour by switching from public transport to travelling by motorbike. You don’t have to rely on other people and no longer need to worry about cancellations, delays, closures or strikes interfering with your journey.

Traffic & congestion

More people are opting for motorcycles as their preferred mode of transport since lockdown rules relaxed. As Motorcycles take up less space when compared to a bus or a car over time, we can expect a reduction in the congestion in our larger cities, such as London.

No longer having to sit motionless in traffic and having the ability to move through rush-hour congestion faster by quickly taking alternative routes car drivers would struggle with.

Public transport & Social distancing

Public transport is working at limited capacity due to social distancing regulations. The government is pushing bicycles as an alternative with schemes to reallocate road space from cars to bikes and pedestrians in cities. Pushbikes are not suitable for long-distance travel, and cars are an expensive alternative, with ride-sharing no longer a safe option due to the risk of infection.

Naturally, motorcycles are great for social distancing. You can easily stay away from crowds, and it takes away the worry of putting your bag on a dirty floor. Needing to wear a helmet that covers your face and gloves while you ride a bike gives you a bonus of extra protection when travelling.