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Scissor Lift Tire S-329


  • Rib tread tires have a smooth tread pattern that reduces rolling and increases fuel efficiency.
  • They are more comfortable than lug tires, which have deep grooves and treads for rough terrain.
  • Rib tread tires are suitable for indoor use or smooth surfaces, prioritising floor protection and reduction over traction.
  • They are typically made of solid hard rubber, with no marks or stains on the floor.
  • Rib treads are available for different sc lift models and manufacturers such as Genie JLG, Skyjack and Snorkel.
  • They come in various sizes and load capacities based on the scissor.

Tyre Size: 12x4x8 12×4.50 12.5×4,25 12 3/4×4 14×4.5 15×5

The Scissor Lift Tire S-329  Rib tread tire offers reduced resistance and increased fuel and are ideal for indoor use, providing floor and noise reduction. Choose the S-329 if you need a durable, smooth, and floor-friendly tire.