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Tractor Tyre LM501 R-1


R-1 Series: Common type of lug tyre provides proven traction in the field.
With a large selection of sizes and fitting perfectly on a great range of tractors.

Tyre Size: 405/70-20,405/70-24,31*15.5-15,30.5L-32;,26*12-12,24.5-32,23.1-34,23.1-30,23.1-26,20.8-42,20.8-38,28L-26,19.5L-24,18.4-42;,18.4-38,18.4-34,18.4-30,18.4-26,16.9-38, 16.9-34,16.9-30,16.9-28,16.9-24,16/70-20, 15.5-38,15.5/80-24,15-24,14.9-30,14.9-28,14.9-26,14.9-24,13.6-38,13.6-36,13.6-28,12.4-32,12.4-28,12.4-24,12-38,11.2-38,11.2-20,11-38,11-32,12.4、11-28,11.5/80-15.3,11.2-28,11.2-24,10.0/75-15.3,10.0-15,9.5-32,9.5-24,9.5-20,8.3-24,8.3-20,8.0-18,750-20,750-18,750-16,650-16,600-16,600-12,550-17,5-12TL,6-14TL,6-16TL,7-14TL,7-16TL,8-16TL,9.5-16TL

The Tractor Tyre LM501  (R-1) is an excellent choice for farmers and agricultural workers who need a reliable lug tyre that provides traction in the field. The R-1 series is a common type of tyre known for its proven ability to grip the ground and provide stability in the toughest conditions. One of the key features of the Tractor R-1 Tyre LM501 is its versatility – it comes in a variety of sizes, making it suitable for a range of tractors. Additionally, because it fits perfectly on a wide range of tractor models, it’s a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and dependable tyre that won’t let them down in the field. Overall, the Tractor R-1 Tyre LM501 is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable and versatile lug tyre.