Landmax Tyre - Landmax Tyre

Truck Tires Drive Position LMR388+


  • It has strong traction and grabbed, during tyre structure, use of super-structure, with excellent load-carrying capacity.
  • Ultra-wear and anti-stab bundles tread formula for poor road conditions of roads, dedicated to short-distance use.

Tyre Size:10.00R20, 11.00R20, 12.00R20
Recommend (Axle): Drive

What is a drive tyre?

Drive tyres are special tyres made for the back part of big trucks and buses. They help the vehicle have good grip on different types of roads and are really important for jobs that need a lot of heavy lifting and driving. When choosing a drive tyre, think about where the truck or bus will be driving. For long, fast trips on good highways, it’s best to get tyres with a closed shoulder and two axles. It’s very important to buy good quality drive tyres so the vehicle can work well, be safe and use fuel efficiently.