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All Positions Truck Tires LMR518


  • Suitable for any axle position: All position tires can be mounted on the steer, drive or trailer axle, providing versatile performance.
  • Excellent handling and comfort: All position tires are mostly built with the steer axle in mind, offering ribbed tread designs to help channel water away from the tire, influencing handling and ride.
  • Durability and traction: All position tires also provide durability and traction under various driving conditions.

Tyre Size:385/65R22.5

Recommend to use: All Positions

The All Positions Truck Tires LMR518 are a good choice for truck tires. You can use them on any axle position, like the steer, drive, or trailer axle. These tires are great because they can handle and feel comfortable on the road. They work well because of their tire design, which helps water move away from them. This makes driving easier and smoother. Not only that, but these tires are tough and grip well on many types of roads. They are perfect for long trips, local deliveries, and hard work. The tire size for this tire model is 385/65R22.5, which is a common size for many big trucks.