Landmax Tyre - Landmax Tyre

On/Off-Road Truck Tires LMR308


  • A broad and deep tread pattern allows for a long-wear lift.
  • A high level of traction is for on/off-road.
  • Cut-resistance with good self-cleaning properties.
  • Suitable for drive wheel.

Tyre Size:10.00R20
Recommend (Axle): Drive

Often Switch From Highways to Off-Road?

The LMR308 is a versatile on/off-road truck tire suitable for drive wheels. Its broad and deep tread pattern ensures a long-wear lift, making it an economical choice for truck owners. The tire also boasts excellent traction on and off the road, making it ideal for trucks that frequently traverse varying terrains. The LMR308 is also cut-resistant with good self-cleaning properties, ensuring it can easily tackle muddy and rocky surfaces without losing grip. The tire is available in a recommended size of 10.00R20 and is recommended for drive axle use. With impressive features, the LMR308 is a dependable tire for heavy-duty trucks requiring reliable performance across diverse environments.