landmax tyre

Non-Marking Press On Tire LM-304


  • Special Compound: The tyre is made from a unique compound that is environmentally friendly and non-polluting.
  • Non-Marking: This feature ensures cleanliness and hygiene, leaving no marks behind.
  • Versatile Application: It’s suitable for businesses where contamination is strictly prohibited, including sectors like pharmacy, catering, textile, electronics, and aviation.

Tyre Size: 8 1/2x4x4, 9x5x5, 10×4 3/4X6 1/2, 10x4x6 1/4, 10x4x6 1/2, 10x5x6 1/2, 10x5x6 1/4, 10x6x6 1/2, 10x6x6 1/4

The Non-Marking Press On Tire LM-304 is a tire that doesn’t leave marks and is safe for the environment. It’s great for businesses that need clean and hygienic spaces, like pharmacies, catering, textiles, electronics, and aviation. The tire is made with a special compound that doesn’t harm the environment. It comes in lots of different sizes, making it perfect for different types of businesses. If your business needs to be clean and contamination-free, this tire could be a good option.