landmax tyre

Wheel Loader Tyre LMX124 (L4)

Wheel Loader Tyre Features:

  • Deep tread for wheel loaders and dump trucks operation in quarry or mining.
  • Unique non-directional traction patterns can provide optimum traction without compromising tread life.
  • Super sidewall cut resistance.
  • Groove stone ejector.
  • Enhanced stability and riding comfort.

Tyre Size: 17.5R25, 20.5R25, 23.5R25, 26.5R25, 29.5R25

The Wheel Loader Tyre LMX124 (L4) is good for heavy-duty work in places where stones are mined. The tyre has deep patterns, which help give good grip for vehicles like wheel loaders and dump trucks. The tyre’s markings help it work well however it is placed on the vehicle, and it lasts a long time so it’s a good thing to buy if you’ll use it for a while. It is strong and tough, which means it won’t get damaged by the sharp rocks and other debris in the quarry. This tyre is designed to give a comfortable ride to people in the vehicle, even if it’s driving over some rough ground. You can buy these tyres in different sizes to fit different kinds of machines that are used for heavy work.