Aerial Scissor Lift Tyres S-321

Tyre Size: 12x4x8 12×4.50 12.5×4,25 12 3/4×4 14×4.5 15×5 16×5 22x7x17 3/4 23 1/2×7 1/2 25×6 3/4×21 1/4 31x6x10 33x6x11


Technical Information

Aerial Scissor Lift Tyres for Sale

The operation of your scissor lift is largely dependent on the condition of the tires that support it. You don’t want to be running anything sitting on damaged or torn up tires. With the inventory available here at Aerial Equipment Parts, it won’t be a problem to replace old, beat up wheels. We sell top-quality scissor lift parts, and our tyres are no exception.

Below, you’ll find a wide range of Skyjack, JLG and Genie lift tires to choose from. These aerial scissor lift tyres include features like non-marking tires and upright tires. You’ll find options that are compatible with specific models of lifts so you’ll be able to find exactly what you need.

Whether you’re looking for JLG, Genie or Skyjack scissor lift tyres for sale, you’ll find just the thing here. If you’re unsure of what the best option is for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we’ve got decades of experience in the field and know these machines inside and out. Shop now!

 Tyre SizeMax Load(KG) 10Km/hOther IndustrialApplicable Machine
inchmmLoad WheelRotation Wheel16km/h
12x4x8200×8550440400Snork 1930,Skyjack 1930
12×4.50306x115x237970865745Genie 1930
12 3/4×4323×100850750675JLG 1932E2;1930 ES;1930RS
14×4.5355×1151085965835SCISSOR LIFT
15×5381×12712901150995Genie 2646;3246; Com pact 10/12
16×5406×127140010201080Skyjack 3220;3226;4626;4623:
JLG 3246E2;3246ES;3246RS
22x7x17 3/4559x178x450.8422037153250Z-30/20N Z33/Z34/Z40
23 1/2×7 1/2600×190424037753265Hautotte J12;Genie Z30/20
25×6 3/4×21 1/4640x170x540424037753265JLG E300AJP
31x6x10787X152X254 (Instead 10-16,5)423030803260BOBCAT 150
33x6x11838X152X279 (Instead 12-16.5)506037003900GS4369; BOBCAT 650

Tire for scissor lift TP303


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