Best ATV Tyre QD-109

Best ATV Tyre Features:

Suitable for ATV/UTV

Great traction in both mixed and hard packed terrains.

Enhanced high-speed cornering capabilities.

Provides smooth and comfortable ride

Tyre Size: 18*7.00-8 19*7.00-8 (180/80-8) 18*9.50-8 (240/50-8) 19*9.50-8 20*9.50-8 21*7.00-8 AT20*10-10 AT21*10-8 AT21*7-10 (175/80-10)


Technical Information

Best ATV Tyre

1). Used for All Terrain Vehicle and Utility Terrain Vehicle

2). Deep pattern, excellent resistance to damage, long tyre life, good grasping and traction in harsh condition

3). Radial ATV/UTV tires suitale in desert and on lawn/graden/regular road

QD-109 18*7.00-8 TL 4 22/165 193/87.5 18.2/462 6.9/176 8X5.50 ATV&UTV
QD-109 19*7.00-8 (180/80-8) TL 4 24/165 176/80 19.1/486 7.1/181 8X5.50 E4 ATV&UTV
QD-109 18*9.50-8 (240/50-8) TL 4 24/165 227/103 18/456 9.1/231 8X7.00 E4 ATV&UTV
QD-109 19*9.50-8 TL 4 20/165 300/136 18.9/481 9.1/231 8X7.00 ATV&UTV
QD-109 20*9.50-8 TL 4 20/165 300/136 20.2/52 8.8/223 8*7.00 ATV&UTV
QD-109 21*7.00-8 TL 4 20/165 234/106 21/534 6.8/174 8X5.50 ATV&UTV
QD-109 AT20*10-10 TL 4 5 260/118 534 234 10X8.0AT E4 ATV&UTV
QD-109 AT21*10-8 TL 4 5 420/190 504 230 10X7.00 ATV&UTV
QD-109 AT21*7-10 (175/80-10) TL 4 5 205/92 535 175 10X5.5AT E4 ATV&UTV
Packaging & Shipping

1). Packaging Details: As per buyer’s requirement
2). Delivery Details: Within 15 days after receiving the deposit

Our Services

1). Wide range of ATV/UTV tires

2). Top quality

3). Fast delivery

4). Competitive price

5). Super warranty and service

6). Certificates: ISO9001, DOT, INMETRO, SONCAP, SNI, NOM, GCC etc

Our radial ATV/UTV tyre is among the major tyre manufacturers and exporters in China with a history of international cooperation and shared technologies. A lot of patterns and sizes are available for your ATVs and UTVs. Great traction in both mixed and hard packed terrains. Enhanced high-speed cornering capabilities. Provides smooth and comfortable ride. Durable and light weight, and so on.

With more than 10 years export experience, Landmax tyres have already exported to about 50 countries covering American, European, Australian, Middle East & African markets by meeting all the internationally required manufacturing standards including the national CCC certification, ISO9001, ISO16949, DOT(USA) and ECE(EUROPE), SONCAP(NIGERIA), GCC(GULF) and COC certificates etc. Additionally, we produce ATV/UTV tyres that meet the exact requirements of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors. Our experienced technical and management teams ensure that all tyres are continuously tested and developed to ensure a constant product performance.

Welcome to try our tires. Rims are also available to provide.


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