Forestry Tires LM-604


1.It’s a strong, dependable, yet economical tyre.
2.It’s grippage tread pattern provides the traction required.
3. The popular 23.1-26 size is suitable for light and medium duty forestry operations

Tyre Size: 23.1-26


Technical Information

Forestry Tires with he external angle of the lugs give you increased pull force. An open tread pattern results in good-self cleaning.

Tyre Size P.R. Type Tread
Inflated Dimensions Load Capacity
Overall Width Overall Diameter
mm inch mm inch mm inch Load(Kg) Inflation(Kpa)
23.1-26 12 TT/TL 54 2.13 DW20A 536 21.1 1694 66.7 3375 170
16 4010 240

Forestry Tires Features:

1. The external angle of the lugs give you increased pull force.
2. An open tread pattern results in good-self cleaning.
3. The mixmum tread width distributes the machine’s power across the wholes tyres.
4. The pattern minimize slippage and enables maximum utilization of the power of the engine.

Our Featured Product:

We have been manufacturing quality Forestry tires, for every job, every condition and every machinery like Grapple Skidders,Grapple Loader, Wheel Skidders,Track Skidders. lts Log Stomper features the latest tyre technology, including proprietary Steel/Flexconstruction. This design combines the best features of Aramid fiber and Steel for dramatic resistance to tread and sidewall penetration. It’s available in the widest ranae of sizes.patterns and construction configuration in the industry.

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