Forklift Tyre LM-101


With a heavy-duty carcass and high abrasion-resistant tread, it delivers both incredible puncture resistance and long life.

And with a reinforced sidewall for side impact protection, it’s unstoppable.

Tyre Size: 4.00-8,5.00-8,16*6-8,18*7-8,6.00-9,21*8-9, 6.50-10,23*9-10,4.50-12,7.00-12,23×10-12, 27*10-12,7.00-15,7.50-15,8.15-15(28*9-15), 8.25-15,250-15,9.00-20


Technical Information

Forklift Tyre LM-103 is a tire suitable for hay harvesting applications with rotor rakes/tedders as well as for logistic operations using forklifts. This tire provides excellent durability while the specific tread pattern ensures maximum stability during lifting operations.

All forklift tire and industrial tires are not created equal. Different manufacturers utilize different tread compounds and styles to build their tires. Landmax carries high quality forklift tyres from all of the major manufacturers. We also carry all different styles of tires for forklifts, aerial lifts, baggage carts and other industrial applications. This includes pneumatic forklift tyre, solid tires, pneumatic shaped solid tires and press on band tires. Various tread patterns are available as well as non marking tires and off road tires.  No matter who makes the forklift, Landmax online tire store has the forklift or industrial tire that you need.

Landmax manufacturers tires for many of the most popular industrial and material handling equipment in use today. Each of these tires is purpose built to fit a terrain, application or machine. Landmax tire builds forklift tires and industrial tires.

Tyre SizePR.PatternTypeTread Depth
Standard RIMSection With
Overall Diameter
4.00-88, 10LM-101TT12.003.00D112.00415.00
7.00-1212, 14,16LM-101TT17.605.00S190.00676.00
27*10-1212, 16,20,24LM-101TT18.008.00G254.00682.00
7.00-1512, 14, 16LM-101TT18.305.50F200.00730.00
7.50-1512, 14, 16LM-101TT18.306.00G215.00808.00
8.15-15 (28*9-15)12, 14,16LM-101TT18.307.00221.00706.00
8.25-1512, 14,16LM-101TT21.406.50235.00840.00
250-1516, 18, 26LM-101TT20.507.50250.00735.00


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