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ATV, UTV, Monster Truck Tyres Make You Exciting.

Landmax provides all series tires for your sports and travelling, including ATV and UTV tires, Monster Truck Tyre, Go-Kart tires, Golf Cart tires, Scooter tires, Bicycle tires, and Motorcycle tires. Our tires use advanced technology that offers protection and durability for both work and play. Our passion is to provide the highest quality and innovative tires, with a wide range of tire sizes and treads, for every kind of vehicle and terrain. From racing and recreation to farming and travelling, Landmax remains at the forefront of design and performance with signature tires for both sports and travelling applications.


Do Enjoy Sports with our tyre

  • Monster Truck Tyre
  • ATV and UTV Tyre
  • Bicycle Tyre
  • Motorcycle Tye
  • Golf Cart Tyre
  • Scooter Tyre
  • Go Kart Tyre


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