Truck and Bus Tyres (TBR)

Choosing the Right Truck and Bus Tyres for For Heavy Truck, Bus and Trailer

Good quality truck and bus tyres (TBR) should one for your fleet.

LANDMAX is one of the suppliers with the complete specifications and patterns of radial truck and bus tyres in China.

Our tyres have obtained certificates of CCC, ISO9001, TS16949, DOT, ECE, E-Sound, GCC, SASO, etc.

Our primary market for truck and bus tyres is in North America. General quality truck tyres 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 are popular in the USA and Canada because their tyres should be replaced at a specific time according to the regulations, even if the tires are still in good working condition. We provide truck tyres designed for the North American market with exceptional quality and reasonable prices.

LANDMAX offers European market truck tyres 315/80R22.5 and 385/65R22.5 with EU-Label. Winter truck tyre is our unique product. Mixing truck tyres with car tyres or Off-road tyres is our unique service for our clients. We could provide different quality levels and different brands of trucks and bus tyres to meet various clients’ needs. 

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