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Landmax Heavy Truck Tyres

Heavy truck tyres offer unmatched durability and performance. Engineered for heavy-duty use, they’re your reliable partner on the road.

Heavy Truck Tyres (TBR)

Choosing Heavy Truck Tyres should be one for your fleet.

If you are looking for a reliable and durable set of tyres for your heavy truck, you might need help with the variety of available options. How do you choose the best tyres for your specific needs and preferences? We will provide you with some valuable tips and information on how to select the right tyres for your heavy truck.


Different Types of Heavy Truck Tyres

First, you need to understand the different types of tyres for heavy trucks and their positions on the vehicle. There are three main types of tyres: steer tyres, drive tyres and trailer tyres. Each type has its characteristics and functions, and they should be matched according to your truck’s load, distance and condition.


  • Steer tyres are the front tyres that steer the truck and provide stability and handling. They should have good traction, wear, and low rolling resistance to improve fuel efficiency. Steer tyres are usually ribbed or rib-lug designs with multiple grooves and sipes to enhance wet grip and prevent irregular wear.
  • Drive tyres are the rear tyres that provide power and traction to move the truck forward. They should have deep tread blocks and aggressive patterns to cope with various road surfaces and weather conditions. Drive tyres are usually lug or partnership designs with open shoulders and wide channels to evacuate mud and snow.
  • Trailer tyres are the tyres that support the weight of the trailer and its cargo. They should have high load capacity, durability and puncture resistance to withstand harsh braking, heavy loads and curbing damage. Trailer tyres are usually ribbed or rib-lug designs with stiff sidewalls and reinforced casings to prevent flexing and heat buildup.
  • The size of the tyre indicates its dimensions and specifications. It is usually expressed by a series of numbers and letters that indicate the tyre’s width, aspect ratio, construction, rim diameter and speed rating. For example, a tyre of 11R22.5 has a width of 11 inches, an aspect ratio of 82%, a radial construction, a rim diameter of 22.5 inches and a speed rating of R (106 mph).
  • Load Rating another factor to consider when choosing heavy truck tyres is the load rating and size of the tyres. The load rating indicates the maximum weight that a tyre can carry at a specified pressure. It is expressed by a letter or number corresponding to a load index table. For example, a tyre with a load rating of E can carry 3,042 pounds at 80 psi.

What is Heavy Truck Tyre Loading?

Heavy Truck Tyre used on trucks which contain heavy trucks and semitrailer tractors, including all kinds of special vehicles (sprinklers, fire trucks, road cleaning vehicles, oil tank trucks, mixers, etc.), dump trucks (tractors, with lifters), truck (freight, including livestock) and some rare off-road vehicles (more military). Heavy Trucks divide according to the total mass>14 tons

To find the best heavy truck tyres for your vehicle, consult your owner’s manual or contact Landmax for the recommended tyre size and load rating. You should also consider your driving habits, budget and preferences for performance, comfort and safety,

Heavy truck tyres are essential to your truck’s performance and safety. By choosing the right tyres for your vehicle, and you can improve your fuel efficiency, reduce your maintenance costs, extend your tyre life and enhance your driving experience.

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