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We Always Standby for You

Guaranteed Service

100% guarantee against manufacturing defects and untimely delivery for all tires. We stand behind our products.

Warranty Policies

Tyre claim progress:

Step 1: Lodge Claim

Step 2: Claim from, Supply failed tyre photo with tyre’s serial Number and Brand Name.

Step 3: Our QC analyses the failure reason.

  • We will compensate according to warranty policy if manufacturing defects cause damage.
  • We are irresponsible for any damage excluded from the warranty policy. 

Freight & Logistics Service.

Service before and after the sale is the most crucial part of Landmax. We provide the necessary certificates to different countries. Helping clients maximise the container space and lower the logistics cost is critical to our success. Our logistic team always works with several shipping companies to ensure the shortest delivery time and lowest total price.

LANDMAX has a tried and proven network of China and International Freight & Logistics partners for transporting our and our customers’ tyres.

Our relationship with these partners is second to none.

Our customers are always satisfied with the result no matter how straightforward or complex the transport may be. The most competitive price is one of many results we strive for. Trust and efficiency are as important when dealing with your tyre investment.

We understand how integral our shipping and transport partners are to ensuring our customers receive the best freight and logistics experience. So when you deal with LANDMAX, you accept the bonus of our global freight and logistics transport network, which works hard to serve you. 

tyre loading

Tyre & Wheel/Rim Assembly Service

LANDMAX places a premium on service for Tyre and Wheel/Rim assembly. We provide this wide range of services with a breadth of optimised solutions.

LANDMAX has a successful history with OEM implementation projects, Mining, Harbor and Hauling service companies by a tyre & wheel/rim supplying package.

Tyre & Wheel/Rim Set supply has numerous and diverse benefits, including:

  • Save sea freight cost by Tyre & Wheel/Rim Set in one container.
  • Massive size tyre mounting to vehicle easier and saves time.
  • For service station changing tyres, do no more work at the site to speed up their service.

Please get in touch with LANDMAX, and we will find a solution tailored to your business.

tyrewheel set